Our Mission

Dedicated to education, awareness, prevention, resources, and a voice to highlight the dangers of opioids and other deadly drugs while helping to change the stigma of shame.

We must start by making three paradigm shifts:
1) our children need to know they are not immortal. While we do not condone drug use, we do ask that they do not “use” or “experiment” alone;
2) as parents, relatives, and friends of addicted loved ones, we need to understand that active addiction is not a choice;
3) as a society, we all must understand that Substance Use Disorder is about brain chemistry NOT character!!
— Corey Councill, Founder


  • To create awareness and strategies for comprehensive opioid prevention and education.
  • Increase public awareness of the pandemic.
  • Reach children early and provide support and resources parents can use now.
  • Provide Narcan training.
  • Tell David's story to everyone that will listen. Churches, schools, homeless shelters, NA meetings, etc.